You may have experienced reduced pay for the strike period. If you were striking, Mount Sinai has the right to withhold pay for your time on strike. We have financial assistance available for those who were striking and completed the required number of hours of strike duties:

  • UAW strike assistance pay: If you were on strike, had pay docked, and completed at least 20 hours per week of strike duties (pro-rated for the first week of the strike), you are eligible for UAW strike assistance pay of up to $800 ($300 for December 6 to 8 and $500 for December 11 to 15). You should have already registered while on the picket line, and payment is expected to be delivered on Friday, January 5, 2024.

  • UAW hardship fund: If you are eligible for UAW strike assistance pay and are facing extreme financial hardship, you can apply for a disbursement from the UAW Region 9A hardship fund. Please reach out to to discuss applying to the UAW Region 9A hardship fund.

If you were not striking and had pay withheld, contact your department administrator or email HR payroll at to clarify that you were working during the pay period for which pay was withheld and that you are owed compensation for those days. In the event that Mount Sinai does not rectify this issue by the following paycheck (expected deposit date: Friday, January 5, 2024), please reach out to so that we can help you collect any unpaid/withheld wages.

If you have any other questions, please reach out, and an organizer will be in touch.

Sina Jostes
Oncological Sciences