Join the picket line today at 1pm!

In order to qualify for strike benefits you must participate in the equivalent of 20 hours of strike duty per week (e.g. five 4-hour shifts on the picket line or other activity that supports the strike.)

Yesterday we were joined on the picket line by Anu Anandaraja from Equity Now at Mount Sinai, who spoke about the importance of support for women in science, medicine, and at Sinai. We also heard from postdocs from the University of Pennsylvania and Weill Cornell Medicine, and the NYC-DSA Choir and had our biggest peak power picket so far this week

Let’s end the week strong! Today we’ll picket with more state representatives who are supporting us, fellow academic workers, and an orchestra – check out the schedule below:

Our bargaining and organizing committees will be reaching out soon with more updates and next steps to escalate pressure to reach a fair agreement.

SPOC-UAW Organizing Committee