Sign Up for Week 2 Picket Shifts!

In order to qualify for strike benefits you must participate in the equivalent of 20 hours of strike duty per week (e.g. five 4-hour shifts on the picket line or other activity that supports the strike).

Because of last week’s massive participation in our strike, we are moving closer to an agreement on improvements that are critical to addressing structural inequities at Mount Sinai. The more of us who participate as we move into our second week, the more strongly we can convey the importance of these issues for postdocs and our families.

Sinai has agreed to meet with our bargaining committee for an additional session tomorrow (Monday), December 11, at 1pm-2pm so that we can continue making progress towards an agreement. We also have an already scheduled bargaining session on Tuesday, December 12, at 9am-11amClick here to RSVP to the sessions.

Check out our schedule for tomorrow below:

See you tomorrow on the picket line and this week’s bargaining sessions!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts,

Paola Bianchimano