We demand that Sinai retracts their threat to international workers: sign the letter here! 

You may have seen an email from Deans Nestler and Filizola to all postdocs at Sinai stating that “holders of certain visa classifications may be affected in the event of a strike.” International postdocs make huge contributions to the research at Sinai, and it’s sad and disappointing that, rather than focusing on making progress at the bargaining table, the administration is choosing to target foreign workers and visa holders. It is also illegal to threaten negative consequences for engaging in a lawful strike, and that’s why we have filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge. 

In this letter to Dean Charney, we are demanding that Sinai retracts their threat, asserts their support for international postdocs, and recognizes all workers’ legal right to strike. Add your name here.

… and in case you missed it:

We had a great town hall yesterday! We discussed next steps following our successful strike authorization vote and heard from a postdoc organizer at the University of Washington (UAW 4121), Luci, about their path to a historic strike and major contract gains. Want to know more about our next steps? Chat with a BC or OC member or email organizing@sinaipostdocunion.org.

In solidarity,

Paola Bianchimano, Neurology
SPOC-UAW Organizing Committee