January 13, 2023

On Wednesday, January 11 we met with the Sinai administration for another small group session, which was also our first session of the year and roughly two weeks from our last small group session. We led the session with six counter proposals on Job PostingWorkspace and MaterialsEmployment RecordsTrainingProfessional Development, and Prohibition Against Discrimination and Harassment. As always, you can track our progress at the bargaining table.

We proposed separate articles for Training and Professional Development, in response to Sinai’s version in which they are combined, so that we can distinguish between activities and courses that enable us to perform our duties as researchers while at Sinai, and those that help us develop our careers as professionals. In our counter for Prohibition Against Discrimination and Harassment, we explained how our proposal would address problems of inequity, fairness and timeliness and restore confidence in the process. We proposed having no deadlines for reporting, supportive measures when a person reports, a faster and fairer process, protections against personal and professional consequences, among other measures.

We were extremely disappointed to hear that Sinai did not have any counters for us at Wednesday’s session. Of the proposals being actively negotiated, we are now waiting for a response from Sinai on 16 of them, including one that we proposed on October 11. We have two full group sessions scheduled for the next few weeks, on January 20, at 12:00PM, and February 1, at 9:00AM. Click here to attend an upcoming session. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts,

In solidarity,

Pooja Viswanathan
SPOC-UAW Bargaining Committee