July 6, 2022

To RSVP for a Union Town Hall on our next steps, click here https://bit.ly/spoc-next-steps

On June 23rd, we won our union election by an overwhelming 89.5%. This is a strong mandate for bargaining and gives us more power to advocate for improvements when we enter negotiations with Mount Sinai.

We will be holding a Postdoc Union Town Hall to discuss our next steps, on Thursday, July 7th at 5pm, in Annenberg Room A5-205. Join us to meet with other Postdocs, discuss next steps as we approach bargaining, and get answers to any questions you may have about our election win or forming a union at Sinai. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts,


Jessica Wang
Medicine, Cardiology

To learn more about our campaign, check out our website at sinaipostdocunion.org and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.