It has come to our attention that the Sinai administration may have asked departments to withhold pay increases and promotions during the period between the filing of our petition for a union election and our vote.

If you are having an issue related to Sinai withholding raises or promotions, please click here so we can help address the situation. Your response will be kept confidential and a member of the organizing committee will reach out.

Sinai has a legal obligation to maintain the status quo in the period between our filing and the election because making changes could be viewed as (and may, in fact, be) an illegal inducement to vote a certain way. However, maintaining the status quo doesn’t mean ceasing all raises, promotions, or improvements. Maintaining the status quo means continuing to follow all practices that were being followed when the petition was filed, including practices for giving raises and promotions.  Where a raise or benefit is regular or expected, not paying that raise or benefit during this period could be viewed as a reprisal by the employer. This also goes for situations in which an individual postdoc has been discussing a raise or promotion for some time predating the period after filing and prior to an election.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts,

Sindhu Vangeti

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